The lessons are a mix of gypsy dance and belly dance. In the past few years I have visited Romani (gypsies) in several eastern European countries and the Balkans and the influences of belly dance are very clearly present there, also in modern music.

So during the lessons you will learn basic movements,   which can be applied to both Oriental and Gypsy music, both traditional and modern.

The classes are small, so you will receive maximum attention!

The lessons are given in Doorn, in a private room with a wall of mirrors.

During the lessons a lot a attention will be given to posture, basic movements, rhythms and styles.

The basis will be belly dance, from where we can proceed to oriental Gypsy dance.

Private lessons are very intensive; because there are no other students, you will learn more in a shorter period of time.

You can also indicate your own goals. Goals could be: learning the basic bellydance movements, so you can keep up with the group more easily or working on your own choreography.   Deepening of a certain style of gypsy dance (Turkish, Russian, Romanian Mahala, Egyptian, Balkans, India, etc.). Or working on your posture: over the years I have gained a lot of experience with different exercises to improve the posture.

This is not only comfortable in dancing, but also in your daily life!

Private lessons must be taken within three months of booking.

Set of 5 lessons

5 x 30 minutes: € 60,00


5 x 60 minutes: € 95,00

Single lesson

30 minutes: € 15,00


60 minutes:   € 22,50

If you want to take private lessons together with a friend, you will get a discount of € 2,50 p.p  per lesson of 30 minutes, € 3,00 p.p per lesson of 60 minutes.


€ 13,00 p.p  per set of lessons of 30 minutes, € 15,00 p.p per set of lessons of 60 minutes.

Would you like to give lessons as a present? Let me know; there is a gift voucher which can be expanded with a music CD and a hip scarf with coins (CD and scarf € 10,00).

Guest lessons will be done on demand (click here for the possibilities); please contact me if you have

a request.

You can apply by filling in the application form.

You can also mail:

or phone: +316 12 92 4883


Monday evening: 20.00 t/m 21.15 uur

Tuesday evening from 19.15 to 20.30 pm.


€ 100,00 for 10 lessons of five quarters of an hour.

Single trial lesson: € 11,50


 Vogelweide 102

 3941 NC Doorn


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