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Shaia means ‘sister’ in one of the many Romanes dialects (the Basque Country). In the Balkans, čhaja (pronounced as tjaia) is the world for ‘girl’. I have been fascinated by other cultures and especially by gypsies.

1997: started belly dancing, gypsy dance

2001 and 2002: gypsy dance camp in Hungary and the Netherlands

2002: gypsy dance education until 2004

2006: completed advanced course belly dancing

Since 2010 I have been on tour with several gypsy bands. I have also taken Flamenco lessons, and I will take up these lessons again!

As a guest teacher I gave a series of lessons at the 0MBO Rijnijssel (intermediate vocational dance education) in Arnhem.

I have also acquired some knowledge of palm reading and tarot. I have experience of doing this at parties, in a nice and relaxed way.

I sing in the Alomtonenkoor Zeist

Some reactions on lessons/workshops

Hi Jolanda

Thanks again for your pleasant, strict, instructive and enjoyable lessons!

Hello Jolanda

Thanks for your workshop last Saturday, we found it very successful!

Hi Jolanda,

Thank again, ay! Your contribution helped to make our days terrific! Maybe we will meet again somewhere.

When I search on youtube for gypsy dance, I see many fantasy dances, as people themselves think how gypsy dance could have been. You will find my opinion on this matter in the article written by Peter Verzijl

Raqs wa Risala, jaargang 6, nummer 35

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