Workshops and performances for many different occasions! Hen nights, birthdays, family (sister) gatherings, schools and companies.

Years of experience with both large and small groups, young and old!

As a guest teacher I gave a series of lessons at the Rijnijssel school for intermediate vocational education in Arnhem (MBO Dance Rijnijssel).

You could also contact me about the costs if you and your dance group would like to use one of the options below.

Gypsy dance

Depends on the country of origin.

You will learn typical gypsy steps and moves: gypsyfire!

Within the gypsy dance there are some styles that are very suitable for both men and women.!

Balkans gypsy style ~ goes very well at parties!

Indian gypsy dance ~ whirling dance from Rajasthan

Turkish gypsy dance ~ jolly and playful

Russian gypsy dance ~ flowing skirts and full of passion

Hungarian gypsy dance ~ frantic footwork

Romanian gypsy dance ~ Transylvanian and Mahala (related to belly dance) style!

Egyptian gypsy dance ~ earthy and robust with a lot of shimmies

Belly dance

A great way of moving, in which femininity is central. In this workshop you will learn snakelike movements and several shimmies (the shaking of shoulders and hips).


In this workshop you will learn a simple choreography from a well-known Bollywood movie! And also a very special bridal dance from the Punjab the Ghidda!

Tahitian dance

A very special dance style! Super-fast hips and when we are tired, we will continue with the elegant gestures.

Children’s parties

Specially adapted to the age, ending with a performance for the parents!

After every workshop the birthday girl/boy receives a CD and a booklet as a keepsake. He or she also gets to wear a nice costume during the performance. The other participants will be provided with a skirt and/or a hip scarf to wear.

Click here for more information, or mail or phone +316 12 92 4883

Duration of workshop: 2 hours included a break with nibbles and a drink.


For guest lessons, please contact me.

For workshops:

,8 people and up: € 30,00 inclusive. Less than 8 people? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

I will book a room in the place of your choice. There is also the possibility to follow a workshop in my own room (with mirrors) in Doorn. In that case the costs will be € 25,00 per person. If the workshop takes place on your own location, no rent will be charged, so you will receive a discount on the total workshop (depending on the number of participants and travel expenses).

Children’s parties take 1.5 hours, including a break.

Costs from € 80,00, depending on number of participants and location.

Workshop and out for dinner with the entire group!

No hurrying to the next location, everything nicely organised. We have a deal with Tapaz en Mezze Restaurant de Abrikoos in Utrecht. This restaurant has a separate room where the workshop is held. After the workshop you can immediately pull up a chair for a group menu (€ 27,50 per person).

For information about the group menu click here.

Duration of the workshop: 2 hours with the possibility to have a drink and the starter for the group menu in the break.


Costs: € 25,00 per person (8 people and up)

Please note: you will pay me and the restaurant separately!

Kosten: € 25 p.p (bij min. 8 personen)

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